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Sustainable Tourism at Milano Motor Lodge

At Milano Motor Lodge, we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism in an attempt to keep our environment clean, and our property and garden beautiful for the guest to enjoy.

We understand our business practices have a direct impact on the environment in which we operate. We will try to actively reduce any adverse effects through buying wisely, using resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly, and providing an environmentally and socially responsible service without compromising our guests comfort.

We work hard to support our natural environment by undertaking a number of actions. We recognize the importance of taking steps to achieve sound environmental performance in a considerate and efficient manner.

Our housekeepers are all actively encouraged to recycle in every area of the motel. They assist in reducing power consumption by turning off electrical appliances when not in use, turning taps and lights off when not required. They are trained in sustainable practices.

Milano Motor Lodge has initiatives and programmes aimed at reducing our impact on New Zealand's beautiful environment while at the same time ensuring your stay is as comfortable as you require. We welcome our guests' decision to cooperate and participate in these energy conserving programmes and initiatives.

Milano Motor Lodge is presently engaged in activities that include:

Reducing our demand on energy by:

  • Introducing eco towels which dry up to 40% faster.
  • Investigating LED lighting options.
  • Explaining to guests how they can park their cars and walk to inner city attractions and public transportation hubs.
  • Offering extended car parking before check in and after check out.
  • Lighting 100% of hallways and gardens with energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Controlling hallway and garden lights by either light sensor or timer.
  • Providing drying racks for guests to use.
  • Cleaning clothes dryer filter every cycle.
  • Using the latest technology available when updating motel chattels.
  • Monitoring energy use to identify possible inefficiencies

Reducing our waste by:

  • Inviting guests to separate their rubbish ready for recycling, providing appropriate facilities for this and explaining how it all works.
  • Separating waste for landfill and recycling as much as possible.
  • Actively making use of City Council kerbside recycling and recycling centre.
  • Not printing unnecessary emails and faxes.
  • Participating in hand soap recycling programme.
  • Inviting guests to recycle activity pamphlets.

Conserving water by:

  • Installing dual flush toilets.
  • Promoting towel re-use to both guests and Motel staff.
  • Replanting garden with drought resistant plants.

Conserving resources by:

  • Having Motel washing machine soap pump serviced regularly.
  • Using only degradable plastic bags in Motel operations.
  • Trialling and introducing quick drying Ecoknit towels.
  • Air drying items of laundry whenever possible.

Participating in a wise purchasing programme by:

  • Using only degradable plastic bags in Motel operations.
  • Participating in a soap recycling programme.
  • Reinforcing cleaning processes and rubbish disposal with housekeeping staff.
  • Ensuring all printed material and products are sustainably sourced where possible.

Aware that we're part of our local community and participate in it by:

  • Committing to the promotion of better environmental practices.
  • Participate in and make contributions to community groups.
  • Donating used equipment and surplus stock to local community initiative.

We have a policy of continually reassessing our sustainable tourism practices.

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